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CO2 Laser

Among the devices used to treat skin problems, promote youth and fight aging, is the CO2 laser device. What distinguishes this device?

The CO2 laser device is one of the latest devices used in skin treatment. It is based on the technology of continuous wave in which energy is directed to carbon dioxide particles mixed with helium, resulting in laser beams that penetrate the layers of the skin to treat it and enhance its beauty.

What cases does the carbon dioxide laser treat?

CO2 laser therapy is effective for people with:

  • Skin aging, sagging and wrinkles.
  • Pigmentation, moles, and warts.
  • Prominent scars on the skin and stretch marks.


What is CO2 laser skin treatment?

The CO2 laser treatment helps to restore skin radiance and youth by directing the laser beams to the treated area, which enhances the integrity of the tissues and eliminates the damaged skin cells.

This non-invasive, safe and effective procedure can be easily applied to the face, hands, and even the vagina.

The CO2 laser helps to regenerate skin cells by exfoliating the outer layer of the skin, which helps treat wrinkles, scars, warts and moles, to provide smooth, youthful skin free from impurities. Moreover, this treatment is effective in getting rid of stretch marks and pigmentation.

What does the treatment session involve?

At the beginning of the session, the specialist makes sure to clean the skin properly, and then applies the anesthetic cream to the treated area and covers it for about an hour. Later, the specialist directs laser beams to the area for precise and focused treatment. After that, they will clean the skin with water and apply ice to it for 15 minutes, and the moisturizing cream is applied to the area that has been treated with the CO2 laser.

Most of the time, the results of the CO2 laser session will appear after a few weeks, specifically from one to two weeks. During this period, a red or brownish layer forms on the surface of the skin, and some scabs that disappear on their own after a few weeks.

What happens after a CO2 laser session?

After completing the session, some small spots appear on the face, then the face begins to become red, accompanied by slight swelling caused by fluid retention in the body. On the day after the CO2 laser session, the skin begins to peel, and it is advised not to touch it, as the skin peels off on its own.

To provide proper skin care after a CO2 laser session, it is recommended to follow the following steps:

  • Apply ice to the treated area for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat this step about 5 times a day for 3 days after the session.
  • Wash the skin gently with soap and refined water.
  • Apply moisturizer immediately after washing the skin.
  • Cover the treated area with a medical dressing and replace it twice a day.
  • Avoid saunas, swimming pools, or Jacuzzis, among others.
  • Avoid shaving the hair from the spot treated with the CO2 laser.
  • Protect the skin from sunlight by applying a protective cream and avoiding prolonged exposure.


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