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At Novomed we offer both cosmetic and health-related solutions for your hair and skin problems. See our Aesthetic Procedures section for cosmetic solutions or continue reading for health-focused and/or natural remedies.

One natural option is bio-identical hormone supplements. Safer than artificial supplementation, bio-identical hormones are 100% natural, specially compounded for those who need it. These are excellent natural remedies to keep skin and hair in optimal condition, and no hormones are ever prescribed without conducting a genetic test to ensure your body can safely handle these. Bio-identical hormone supplementation also addresses intimate conditions like vaginal dryness and low libido; as well as chronic fatigue, bone fragility and memory loss.

You might also explore the excellent results of low-dose laser therapy for hair loss using safe, FDA approved, painless laser sessions.

Alternatively, your physician might advise enhancing your hair and skin’s vitality from within with IV wellness and powerful detoxification protocols. Accumulated environmental toxins affect your skin, your bones, brain, heart and kidneys, as well as your hair.

Another alternative is the healing power of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sessions targeting the skin, delivering 100% oxygen at high atmospheric pressure for ultimate rejuvenation.

Treatments based on the results of smart diagnostics is another way to go, with individualized blood tests to identify your nutritional and vitamin profile. Once we have results, supplements and customized solutions can be prescribed, for example combinations of zinc, magnesium and amino acids designed for vegetarians or yo-yo dieters. Tests can also identify anemia and thyroid issues that affect hair loss, and that we can treat.

Also consider lifestyle factors that can affect hair and skin health. Helping you quit smoking without gaining weight, using a personalized program that may include supplements, medications, IV Ketamine, low-dose Naltrexone therapy, nicotine patches, SR Bupropion and CBT are among the evidence-based protocols that are offered.

We could help wean you off some of the pharmaceuticals that contribute to hair loss by reversing disease and slowing ageing effects. We can measure your progress on a yearly basis by measuring the length of your telomeres.

DHT blockers could be prescribed when indicated for men on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) to prevent thinning hair.

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