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Food Intolerance Meal Plans in Dubai

Novomed offers food intolerance testing in Dubai, and it has proved to be efficient in helping some of our patients struggling with digestive problems and stubborn weight.

Once we recommend this test to our patients, we address the intolerances with an elimination-and-reintroduction approach, while making sure that dietary changes implemented according to this test are verified.

What does this mean in practice? We start by cutting out the culprit foods from your diet for two to six weeks to see if your symptoms improve. We then reintroduce the foods, one after the other, to see if symptoms return. You may find you can tolerate a food at a certain level, and you only get symptoms if you have more than this amount. Then we agree together on the choice and amounts of foods we can keep in your diet

If the test shows several intolerances to common foods, it becomes very difficult for the patient to find good alternatives without having to resort to a boring meal plan, and there is an increased risk of malnutrition and deficiencies. This is why it’s important and helpful to continue the follow-ups with our dietitian, who can offer support and is knowledgeable about healthy food choices and recommended daily intake.

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