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Nutrition Management for Diabetes Types I & 2 in Dubai

Diabetes is controlled through managing your diet, lifestyle and medications effectively.

When patients are first told they have diabetes, it can feel overwhelming. Our dietitians are highly knowledgeable regarding the impact of diet and can offer support to patients of all ages.

There can be many challenges that affect clinical outcomes. For example, if a child is diagnosed, it will affect the whole family as he or she will need support and constant supervision in all aspects of care. Our dietitian will help you with advice on preparing healthy meals, structuring meal patterns and encouraging children to become more physically active.

In the case of diabetes type 2, many patients manage to reverse their diabetes. Our dieticians create an effective diet plan, while working as part of a multidisciplinary team of doctors who can offer anything from naturopathy to bariatric surgery, as required. The nutritionist will also educate patients on anti-inflammatory foods, and functional foods that help correct insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes

In addition to creating meal plans, our nutritionists will help you deal with a type 1 or 2 diagnosis by:

  • Providing essential information in an accessible and practical way for adults and pediatric patients
  • Assessing your nutritional status and quality of diet regularly, and supporting weight management
  • Education on carbohydrate counting, adjusting insulin doses and correcting hyper- and hypoglycemia
  • Putting cardio-protective nutrition interventions in place, as well as a preventive plan from any other diabetes complication

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