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Nutrition Support For Food Allergies

Nutrition Assessment and Support for Food Allergies

It can be challenging to create a meal plan that avoids your allergen(s) in all forms, and yet is still nutritionally sound and delicious, and that’s where our nutritionist comes in. It is especially important in the case of young children as inappropriate diets could lead to feeding disorders, which are common among children with food allergies. (If you suspect a food allergy but have not yet been tested, we offer these tests at Novomed Allergy & Asthma Center in Dubai Marina. We also create diets for food intolerance.)

What to expect from your consultation with our dietitian:

  • Assessment of the nutritional status including growth in infants and children
  • Assessment of daily nutritional intake
  • Identification of nutrients at risk, and advice on finding adequate replacements
  • Detection of unnecessary dietary exclusions
  • Detection of abnormal or unusual eating habits
  • Assessment of levels of anxiety and the family’s quality of life
  • Allergy-education sessions for children and young adults


Our dietitians will provide educational sessions for children and young adults on:

  • How to identify known allergens
  • How to declare their food allergy – telling and asking
  • How to be assertive and question food offered by others
  • How to read and understand product labels (including alternative words for food allergens)
  • How to identify potential sources of cross-contamination of food allergens

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