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Nutritional Counseling in Dubai

Our pediatricians can advise you on your child’s diet and nutritional needs. They also work in collaboration with Novomed’s dietitians to offer your child a personalized nutrition plan, fine-tuned to their individual requirements and, if necessary, can refer children with eating disorders (eg, Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, or AFRID) to Novomed Psychiatry & Neurology’s Eating Disorder Department.

Proper nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle and, without it, you become more susceptible to illness. The benefits of eating well include increased energy, better quality sleep, a strengthened immune system and improved concentration. Developing a healthy relationship with food from early childhood is essential, to reduce the likelihood of eating disorders later in life.

Nutritional counselling is offered:

  • To babies as they are weaned to ensure the right food choices are made. Parents are encouraged to make flavorsome, appealing and nutritious food decisions.
  • To children with existing medical conditions including diabetes, auto-immune disorders (such as celiac disease) and food allergies. Making the correct food choices can make managing their condition considerably easier.
  • To those exhibiting the symptoms of an eating disorder, such as anorexia, ADRID, bulimia or obesity. Our integrative care and multidisciplinary approach tackles both the physiological and emotional elements of these conditions and non-judgmental support is always available.


Following an initial assessment, where current eating patterns and preferences are assessed; a practical, fully personalized nutrition plan will be constructed. On-going support will be offered as our experienced staff help your child to move towards their goals effectively.

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