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What is the importance of stem cell therapy?

Stem cells are smart cells in our bodies that can divide and regenerate into an unlimited number of specialized cell types, which means that they can transform into cells of the heart, brain, liver, muscles, nerves, or others to help treat the affected areas. Stem cells can:

  • Reproduce
  • Transform into different types of cells
  • Reduce cartilage wear
  • Reduce infections

Our technique in stem cell therapy

• We utilize stem cells available in adipose tissue in abundant quantities
• Our technique is the latest breakthrough in stem cell therapy research


Fats and stem cells are extracted from the abdomen and flank area through a simple surgical procedure that takes 30 minutes or less.
The fat is extracted and stored in special patented medical containers. These containers are sealed to prevent the entry of contaminants from the outside environment.


The stem cells are separated and isolated from the adipose tissue, and their number and viability are assessed.
Typically, more than 15 million stem cells are harvested.


Stem cells are re-injected back into the patient to benefit from their ability to repair human tissues and rebuild and form new cells, such as cartilage, bones, ligaments, and tendons cells.

The developer of this technique, the Cell Surgical Network (CSN) based in Beverly Hills, California, USA, is considered one of the most modern centers in the world in the field of stem cells and has 12 years of experience, during which more than 16,000 patients have been successfully treated.

It should be noted that all treatments are carried out under the supervision and monitoring of governmental and quasi-governmental oversight bodies, including the International Surgical Network (ICSS) based in the USA.

The same CSN technology is used in the UAE and other countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Japan, and New Zealand.

The ability of stem cells to form cartilages and bones makes them very effective in treating bone diseases, and their ability to form new blood vessels makes them suitable for reducing the number of degenerative disease conditions.

We have conducted many experiments that prove that stem cell therapy is effective in healing and regeneration, as stem cells search for damaged body tissues and naturally repair them.

This advanced technology allows patients to receive large quantities of stem cells safely, and we have successfully sought to make them accessible to everyone.

We also make sure that all our procedures are done in a sterile, closed, and safe environment.

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