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Urinary Flow Test in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain

The Uroflow diagnostic test evaluates the speed and flow rate of your urine. The speed is measured electronically while the flow rate is calculated as milliliters of urine passed per second. The device can measure both average and maximum flow rates, as well as the duration of voiding, or urination.

You should arrive at our clinic with a comfortably full bladder. If possible, do not relieve yourself for a couple of hours prior to the test.

For the test itself, you will need to urinate into a funnel that is connected to the electronic Uroflow-meter, which records data on a flow chart.

The flow rate is generally used as the basis for determining the severity of any obstruction or blockage. Low flow could be an indication of health issues such as an obstructed urethra, poor bladder function or an enlarged prostate.

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