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Diet & Nutrition

Our diet and nutrition clinics in Dubai can handle anything from meal plans that deal with allergies or lifestyle changes, to major weight loss and bariatric surgery for treating obesity.

We have a Nutrition & Dietary Support Clinic to help you find the correct diet and activities for your chosen lifestyle, milestones, allergies and food intolerance, and even sport enhancement.

At our Digestive Clinic, our dietitians can create diets to support the recommendations of our gastroenterologist. At our Weight-Management Clinic, our dietitians devise personal weight-loss plans, and also work closely with our bariatric surgeon to help obese patients to regain their health.

So, whether you are looking for a detox or weight loss plan, a health and fitness clinic, food-intolerance testing, a cholesterol treatment clinic, genetic testing for an obesity gene, gastric reflux treatment, obesity surgery, or any number of diet or weight-related issues, our Dubai clinics have you covered.

You can also download your complimentary copy of Dr Max’s Food Habits booklet, which is packed with diet tips and sound advice.

Weight Loss Clinic

At our weight loss clinic in Dubai and Al Ain, we offer plans personalized to suit every lifestyle and goal. The plans last from three months to a year, and we have a multidisciplinary team to handle all aspects of the more complicated cases.

If you have just a few kilograms to lose, our dietitian can give you the tools  you need to succeed, supporting and monitoring you throughout your weight-loss journey. For those with more to lose and who have been unable to do so through conventional diet and exercise, we have a non-surgical gastric balloon with full support from a team of experts before, during and after. We also have an obesity clinic with support from dietitians, psychologists, physiotherapists and, if necessary, bariatric surgeons and a team of plastic surgeons for body-contouring after massive weight loss.

We also have an eating disorder clinic, where our psychologists can help with anything from binge eating to anorexia and bulimia. They are supported by a multidisciplinary team including a dietitian and internal medicine specialists.