Urology & Andrology (Men’s Sexual Health Clinic Dubai)

What to bring to your consultation: If this is your first visit, please bring your previous medical reports and test results, as well as your current medications. If you believe you have a bladder or prostate problem, please come with a full bladder.

As part of our Men’s Health Clinic in Dubai, our urology specialists have decades of wide-ranging experience and advanced diagnostic and treatment tools to help with anything from urinary tract infections to fertility issues to erectile dysfunction. We treat a huge variety of urological conditions and diseases, but we also offer services such as premarital checks, hormone replacement therapy, penile implants and the like.

In addition to having highly skilled urologists based in our Dubai, UAE clinics, we also offer some services in collaboration with top surgeons from the Mens Heath International Surgical Centre (MHISC). The MHISC is a collective group of five international surgeons who have set up a discreet and confidential surgical center in Switzerland. These leading experts from England, France, Italy and Serbia have joined forces in the fields of genital and urethral reconstruction, erectile dysfunction (penile implants), Peyronie’s disease, and genital reconstruction for trauma.

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Disclaimer – Information on this website is not in any way intended to replace medical care or advice from a doctor. It is merely a guide to read before visiting one of our qualified medical experts. Never change your treatment plan or adapt any part of your healthcare or lifestyle based on anything contained here without first talking to a doctor.

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